The software leaves fingerprints that outcome in mass cancellations, they gave zero help to determine it.

The software may bring about a cut it out from Craigslist, and potentially a claim, in light of what others have let us know subsequent to having utilized it themselves.

Terrible, horrendous client benefit. Reactions are deigning and discourteous.

They don’t assume praise card, just wire exchange or bit coin. In this way, you have no assurance in the event that they choose to cheat you. They’ve been known to keep cash, and tell the individual that obtained a permit to fuck off.

We don’t prescribe utilizing CLADG, it’s awful news the distance to Belize, which is the place we believe they’re found (and in the event that you see craigslist software doesn’t have a segment for Belize, it’s likely a result of them).


Our Rating: 3.0/10

Focal points:

Like a youthful Indiana Jones used to be advised, “you got heart, kid” – this software is promising, on the off chance that they can explore the troublesome territory of keeping away from claims, getting the software to really work for the normal individual, it may be a decent contender for “posting software of the year” grant one day. They have to keep the software out of the hands of spammers however.


The demo we attempted did not by any stretch of the imagination work. With all due respect, it was in beta, and the software demonstrates a ton of guarantee.

Client bolster, while neighborly, was not able purpose the issue. Given that we’re no nitwits with regards to software, the issue is with their UI that duplicates off CLADG however doesn’t illuminate all the UI issues tormenting CLADG. We’d be more joyful with a considerably less complex framework that deals with every one of the cerebral pains, as opposed to adding to them.

They get a 4.0 in light of the fact that it’s in beta and shows guarantee, however when we test the completed item, in the event that regardless it doesn’t post a promotion dependably and effortlessly, it’s getting expelled from the rankings.

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