Midnight Kentucky Bluegrass Seed.

Plant Rate of 2 – 3 lbs for every 1,000 Sq. ft.

Midnight Kentucky Bluegrass is extremely dull green and, in spite of the fact that they dont typically continue development until pre-summer, endure high temperatures.sods st. john’s

Kentucky bluegrass, a broadly utilized perpetual turfgrass in calm and sub-cold atmospheres, is presumably the most unmistakable species in the U.S. Kentucky bluegrass is local to northern Asia; the mountains of Algeria and Morocco; and cool, open destinations in Europe. The species gets its name from the root of the early, monetarily delivered seed and its blue-green shading. Leaf edges are Angular or level and have a bottom or pontoon formed tip.

A light line can frequently be seen on each side of the focal vein of the leaf sharp edge. Plants develop best in ripe, all around depleted soils in full sun or light, open shade.

Kentucky bluegrass sets up gradually from seed contrasted with lasting ryegrass and tall fescue. A generally high water necessity; absence of foundation energy; shallow root framework; and constrained shade, wear and soil causticity resilience confine the utilization of Kentucky bluegrass in Tennessee. Numerous sod makers plant a 90:10 (by weight) tall fescue: Kentucky bluegrass seed blend.

Kentucky bluegrass is darker green than numerous assortments of enhanced, turf-type tall fescues. The solid rhizomes of Kentucky bluegrass can enhance the elasticity of sod. At the point when climate is great, one Kentucky bluegrass plant can deliver from 20 to at least 50 feet of rhizomes in five months.

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